No one knows that Emily Fairfax is really London's newest sensation, the playwright Edgar St. John, or that one of her characters is based on Lucius Ashford, until Mr. St. John is publicly called out to a duel.

What to do? She explains that she has been asked by St. John to meet with Ashford in his stead. Next, Emily is suddenly swept from her quiet life in Ireland to bustling London and a whirlwind of social affairs, where she becomes the belle of the season. As family, friends and even the owner of the theater that produces Emily's plays get into the act, there is no way Emily and Lucius cannot fall in love.

Witty dialogue, clever characters, a delightful plot—they're all here in abundance to whisk you off into a tale that will totally involve you and your emotions. As witty as Jane Austen, O'Brien brings a sparkle to the Regency period with her storytelling talents. You'll be putting this one on your 'keeper' shelf. SENSUAL (Dec., 372 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin