Image of Enthralled


Image of Enthralled

An award-winning quartet of authors flexes their paranormal skills in this marvelous anthology featuring stories connected to their ongoing series. Fans of all of these authors should snatch this up quick, as it is well worth the time and money! A really outstanding anthology!

First is Leigh’s “The Devil’s Due,” telling the story of Breed Devil Black, who learns that Katie O’Sullivan, his fated mate, has unusual genetics so secret that they are also dangerous. Day offers up “The Curse of the Black Swan,” which returns to Bordertown where Brynn Carroll is forced to live out a centuries-old curse and spend every third night as a swan. However, firefighter Sean O’Malley isn’t going to let a curse or a menacing arsonist stand in his way when it comes to Brynn! Next up is Brook’s “Salvage,” a tale from her Iron Seas series spotlighting estranged married couple Georgiana and Thom, who are taken on a dangerous adventure when Georgiana is kidnapped in order to force Thom to salvage gold from his sunken ship. Rounding out the quartet is Monroe’s “Ecstasy Under the Moon,” from her Children of the Moon series. The Ean and Faol shifter clans have reason to distrust each other, but new visions say that must change. Can Una the eagle learn to trust Bryant the wolf? (BERKLEY SENSATION, Jul., 460 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith