Impoverished Pandora Featherstone has found a way to earn a living as a confidential inquiry agent (a private detective). Shes been hired to probe the origins of certain Indian objects Colonel Massingale acquired in the colonies.

Chance True Son Quincy Ridgeway, Duke of Rivenoak, is son of a nobleman and a Native American woman. He holds great interest in the Colonels objects: they are the reason for his 10-year blood quest.

Chance enlists Pandoras help by asking her to pose as his betrothed. By gaining entree into her home and her life, he hopes to find a sacred pouch and pipe, as well as the truth about his father. Embroiled in mystery and intrigue spanning two continents, Chance and Pandora forge a strong love. The knowledge uncovered about the past will either destroy or redeem them.

Fans of Amanda Quicks Regency mysteries and those who enjoy a good romp will find themselves enthralled by Sara Blaynes delightfully witty, exciting romantic suspense. SENSUAL (May., 352 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin