Manhattan prosecutor Alex Cooper is once again immersed in dual mysteries. After a four-year absence, the Silk Stocking rapist is back, attacking a woman who resided in the tony Upper East Side. Meanwhile, construction workers tearing down an old Greenwich Village building where Edgar Allan Poe once lived discover a skeleton within its walls.

Alex and her police associates, Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace, work tirelessly to solve the crimes. When writer Emily Upshaw is murdered, the investigators at first think she's the latest victim of the Silk Stocking rapist, but then it appears that her murder may be connected to the skeleton found in the wall.

Suspense builds quickly and intensely, as Alex discovers that Emily was connected to the Ravens, a society of Poe lovers. Eventually, the pieces fall into place, revealing a web of mystery that is riveting and expertly composed. (Jan., 397 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick