It is almost painful to watch 21-year old Emily take on the worldly Daniel. He is so undeniably charismatic that Emily just can’t say no — and who can blame her? The wealthy, sexy Daniel is a modern alpha male who commands a room as well as he commands a woman. The hero and heroine both have agendas which turn what should be a cut-and-dry affair into a complex, emotionally gripping relationship that has no rules except one — never show your true feelings. While the sex on the page is at a minimum, Daniel and Emily’s relationship is both provocative and exhilarating.

Emily Anderson takes a job at a multi billion dollar corporation in order to dig up dirt on the owner Daniel Hartmann. She is looking for revenge since Daniel was the one to send her father to jail for fraud. Emily is willing to do whatever she has to in order to reveal Daniel’s secrets, even if that means a trip to the bedroom. Daniel knows full well that Emily sought him out for answers, but the only thing he is willing to share with her is his body. When a one night affair turns into a week and then a month, this young heroine is out of her depth. Emily may hate what Daniel has done, but she is falling in love with the man behind the scandal. A decade older and experienced in ways she can only imagine, Emily is confused by the game they are playing — a game that has her forgetting the past, the future and, more importantly, herself. (SELF-PUBLISHED, Feb., dl., $4.45)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne