Battered and fleeing a guilty past, Anamaria Gilbretta buys a train ticket, desperate to reach the end of the line and begin a new life. What she doesn't count on is getting a new identity following a hotel fire.

When her mysterious look-alike friend is laid to rest, Ana takes her position as companion to a wealthy reclusive couple. Once on the remote island, she is unaware that her friend's deadly history is stalking her.

A civil engineer, Neil Dalton (AKA Brandon Knight) is a hardened sea captain seeking revenge against the woman who killed his brother. But even in disguise, he can see Ana is not the callous, selfish woman he has been searching for.

Amid the island's harsh climate and odd inhabitants, Neil and Ana explore a forbidden love before a new and deadly danger seeks them out and she must return to face the punishment she originally eluded.

Ms. Williams' story is complicated and tinged with the haunting sadness of a loved one's descent into mental illness. Vivid scenery and engaging secondary characters make up for the unanswered questions and predictable plot. SENSUAL (June, 303 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anna Black