Farm girl Erin Connors has had a king-size crush on the boy next door, Abel Garrett, since she was a teen. The handsome boy never looked at his best friend's little sister, but his return home years later has Erin determined to make him notice her--even if she has to climb naked into his bed to do it!

Abel finds that Erin has blossomed into a fully grown woman, and he gives in to her plea to keep their liaison a secret. Her honest approach to lovemaking and her tender heart kindle fire within Abel. That loving combination triggers his determination to tell Erin's brothers the truth. But before he can act on it, he learns devastating news.

Conflict and emotions win the day in this erotic tale. A secondary love story adds spice, and Abel's meeting with an unknown brother is poignant. (dl $6.49)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith