A tale of forbidden love between a Viking warrior and an Irish princess, Erinsong is lushly romantic. Groe captures the atmosphere of early Ireland, torn been the Catholic religion and the ancient customs of the Viking invaders, gifting us with a lovely, sweet story of love's power to overcome hate and fear.

Brenna has good reason to hate the fierce Norsemen. They destroyed the abbey where she was living, raped her sister and shattered her life. But when a Viking warrior washes ashore she cannot leave him to die.

With no memory, the Norseman takes the name Keefe. As he recuperates he learns to respect the Irish and love the princess. Brenna is struck by Keefe's kindness, the antithesis of what she expects from a raider and is not immune to his charm. When her father chooses him as her handfast husband, Brenna agrees.

The newlyweds journey to the abbey where Brenna hopes to find her sister's child. From there they travel to Dublin, the Viking king's stronghold, where Brenna discovers Keefe's true identity and their fragile love is tested. (Leisure, Nov., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin