Image of Emerald Green


Image of Emerald Green

This collection of stories, which all contain emeralds, crosses a variety of genres, including contemporary, fantasy and paranormal. All are very hot and written by talented authors.

Ayre's "Emerald Eyes" has ghost writer Jonas finding the woman of his dreams in the form of Cressy Trellan, who is searching for the emerald her ancestors hid in the hopes of saving her ancestral home. In "As It Should Be," by Dean, widow Nora marks her 55th anniversary with the help of a friend and a magical emerald. She wakes up 50 years earlier -- on her fifth wedding anniversary.

Esmeralda must find Orin, the life-bringer, to save her sister. But Orin wants Esmeralda in his bed first. Is this "Perhaps Love," by Blake? Meredith eyes the "Emerald Green" necklace in a store window, and stranger then buys for her. They enjoy an afternoon of sex, and when Meredith awakens later, she wonders if it was a dream, in Holt's story. McCall's "Knight's Emerald" traps Astrid and photographer Varis in his apartment thanks to some witches' spells and an old legend. (ELLORA'S CAVE, Mar., 305 pp., $16.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager