The first and last time Julia Barclay had ever seen Marcus Hadley he had been in a rage over her actress mother's marriage to his father, the Earl of Ellston. He had sworn never to accept them as family and had stormed out of the house, never to see his father again.

Now, it is four years later. Her stepfather, the Earl and her mother have been dead for eight months and Marcus is finally coming back to Rosemount.

Her memories of him convince her that she will have little place in his life, so she decides that it would be best if she begins to travel with the acting troupe who have always been like family to her. But first she must convince the man she is falling in love with that her friends are legitimate servants in order to have a place for them all to live until their first engagement, a month away.

THE ERRANT EARL is another wonderful book from the pen of Amanda McCabe, who has a tremendous knack for breathing robust life and gentle humor into her loveable characters. (Jun., 212 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck