Image of Errantry: Strange Stories


Image of Errantry: Strange Stories

Talented Hand has won the World Fantasy Award, the Shirley Jackson Award, the Tiptree Award and the Nebula Award, among many others. The reason for this lies less in her imaginative worlds, as impressive as they can be, and more in her skill at crafting words, each phrase and each sentence carefully shaped and laid in place to create the singular diadem that is a Hand story. The tales here are all recent, and are all evidence of Hand’s prolific, fertile imagination. Hand enthusiasts should, of course, have already pre-ordered this collection; those new to her work should acquire it as soon as possible.

Beyond touches of the strange and fantastic, this collection of 10 stories is diverse; “The Maiden Flight of McCauley’s Bellerophon” explores a lost moment in aviation history, sharing a theme of melancholic loss with “Near Zennor,” a story of a fantasy-touched life, while “The Return of the Fire Witch” contains a tale of friendship corroded by the corrupting politics of an autocratic monarchy. “Uncle Lou” digs deep into unbreakable connections and unexpected transformation. (SMALL BEER, Nov., 320 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
James Davis Nicoll