Callie Johnson goes to desperate measures for revenge against Noel Kinsey, Earl of Filton, after he ruins her brother at cards. Her plans go awry when she abducts the wrong man.

Simon Roxbury, the Viscount of Broxton is none too pleased to be held at gunpoint by a young woman. He has his own plans for the nefarious Noel Kinsey and they dont include a misguided urchin getting in the way.

Simon persuades Callie to work with him. He will turn her into a lady, one Noel will fall in love with and then she can crush him, like a bug under her heel.

Simon easily convinces his mother and friends to come to their aid. Callie becomes the mystery sensation of the Season, but Simon never counted on becoming captivated by his enchanting pupil. The one time brat has become the woman he loves.

Callie does her best not to fall under Simons spell and though they fight like cat and dog, their witty battle of words only fuels her emotions. Even anger at Simons duplicity about Noels whereabouts does not dampen her desire. Yet their plans must be carried out if she is to avenge her brother.

Surprising twists, great wit, charming characters and an impeccable portrait of the Regency are features that have made Kasey Michaels a beloved author. ESCAPADE is a delightful romp. SWEET (Aug., 360 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin