Susanna Miller knows that her life is about to change forever. With her ex-husband's money, his new wife and his legal skills, Susanna fears that she will lose custody of their 11-month-old son. When Tyler was born he suffered from a heart defect that placed Susanna deep in depression. Both Tyler and Susanna recovered, but she fears that the judge will be influenced by her past problems and her relationship with radio star/ex-con Linc Sebastian.

All of Susanna's fears are justified when the judge awards custody to Jim and Peggy Miller. Fearing this outcome, Susanna has made plans: she borrows the identity of a long-deceased child and builds a new life on the run.

Susanna and Tyler Miller disappear and Kimberly and Cody Stratton are born. Leaving Linc behind and moving to Maryland is the hardest thing Kim/Susanna has ever done, but she can't involve him.

Kim buys a used computer and starts a small word-processing business. As a frustrated artist, Kim finds kindred spirits in local mural-painter Adam Soria and his sister Jessie. A strange file left on her computer troubles Kim. It's a list of names, addresses and dates which she realizes correlate to a series of bombings. Has she stumbled across a hit list? Preventing further deaths may mean exposure for Kim...dare she risk it?

With each consecutive novel, Diane Chamberlain continues to prove why she is one of the most powerful and stirring authors in fiction today. (Mar., 336 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith