Independent Jennifer Baxter knows what she wants. Despite her parents concern, Jennifer defies them and goes to Mexico to establish a school. Her incensed father hires Deputy Marshal Jay Culhaine to bring her home. Jay is sure that the spoiled rancher's daughter will be nothing but trouble. From the moment Jay sees Jennifer in her undergarments, he's lost. He vows to make her his own, but has to tame her first.

Jennifer rebels at being the lawman's prisoner and taunts him every step of the way. Fighting off gunmen and snakes is nothing compared to fighting their passion for one another.

Once they surrender to love, Jennifer and Jay wage an even tougher battle with pride and Jay's past. From a steamy Texas ranch to sultry Savannah, Jay chases Jennifer and finally admits she is the only one for him.

Elaine Coffman builds the tension between her characters until you ache for release. Her lyrical prose and smoldering sensuality resembles LaVyrle Spencer's early romances. Ms. Coffman is a unique voice in romantic fiction and she gives readers what they want-a sizzling romance with the flavor of the Wild West. SENSUAL (Reissue, July, 416 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin