Honesty can make or break a relationship, and Storm explores that concept skillfully in this sensual menage story. Bringing another person into their relationship, even for one night, causes a realistic awkwardness between Emmi and Mark. Their love, their emotional connection and their longevity together do a lot to bridge that gap in a way that's true to the situation. Highly erotic and passion-filled, this novel is a tasteful and exhilarating exploration of a typical sexual fantasy.

Emmi Tucci loves her fiance, Mark Vistar. He's intelligent, sweet, sexy and turns her on like no one else. But something has been holding her back from setting a wedding date. Lately, Emmi has become attracted to Mark's best friend, Jay.

She knows it's purely sexual but feels like she can't set a wedding date until she can talk to Mark about this attraction. Will Mark and Emmi's relationship be ruined -- or perhaps irrevocably changed for the better? (, dl $4.45)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Wethern