Cleopatra Sharp is a successful aromatherapist whos discovered someone is running an Internet scam under her companys name. As the situation escalates, she wonders if her new handyman, Taylor Bradford, is at the root of her troubles. Hes quiet, hardworking and makes her blood-pressure soar with one of his sizzling looks or dazzling smiles, but hes also very secretive. Is she falling in love with a man out to ruin her professionally as well as emotionally?

Taylor is working undercover: hes a postal inspector investigating the mail scam he believes Cleo is running. He never anticipated falling for the beautiful entrepreneur. Despite her innocent eyes and warm manner, Taylor knows how expert some people are at hiding their true nature. As his feelings for Cleo grow, Taylor wonders if hes going to be able to do his job as well as save the woman he loves.

THE ESSENCE OF LOVE is another trademark romance classic from a veteran author who knows how to satisfy the mind while feeding the hungry heart with her literary treats. (Nov., 256 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson