For years perfumer Simone LeFevre has had two dreams. The first is to create extraordinary perfumes in the great tradition of her family; the second is to seek revenge against Nick Rutledge, the man who destroyed her father. The unexpected discovery of an ancient and mysterious perfume may allow Simone to achieve both goals.

This perfume actually creates a physical response similar to arousal. It also produces a dream-like state where passion and love can flourish.

Simultaneously, Nick Rutledge makes a similar discovery. Having lost the House of Rutledge perfumery to businessman Antoine Dupuis, the only thing Nick has going for him is an antique diary and the extraordinary vial of perfume.

John Hamilton Rutledge was exiled to India 150 years ago to keep him from an unsuitable love. Despite the distance between them, John and Mary Rose Hatcher never gave up hope. A practicing witch, Mary Rose originally distilled the perfume. Having been exposed to the magical Mahja plant in India, John sends Mary Rose seeds for her to cultivate. The results of her experimentation are unbelievable, for through use of the perfume, John and Mary are able to meet and love on another dimensional plane.

While using the perfume, Simone and Nick also find themselves embracing on this mysterious plane. In reality, they are adversaries in a race to uncover the essence's secret. Manipulative Antoine has set Simone and Nick against each other again.

As she has done in each previous novel, the extraordinary Jill Jones gives her readers a unique and utterly spellbinding story to savor. This novel is a true original. (Mar., 310 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith