Image of Eternal Demon: Mark of the Vampire


Image of Eternal Demon: Mark of the Vampire

Wright draws us into a world where demons and vampires, of both the purebred kind and mutated kind, clash in an effort to gain an ultimate prize. The pacing is steady and the action plentiful, while the plot is full of twists and the passion between Erion and Hellen is hot and electrifying. This latest in the Mark of the Vampire series definitely will not disappoint.

Determined to get back the son that was stolen from him by the evil vampire Cruen, vampire/demon Erion kidnaps Cruen’s new bride, Hellen, daughter of the Demon King, Abbadon. Expecting a dainty damsel, Erion gets a fierce warrior instead, one to whom he is undeniably attracted. Hellen needs to get herself to Cruen and marry quickly in order to save her younger sisters from her cruel father. Obstinate will coupled with fiery passion forges a strong bond between Erion and Hellen as they come together to fight their common enemies. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, May, 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates