Image of Eternal Designs


Image of Eternal Designs

McKeever delivers a powerhouse novel of desire, deceit and murder. The characters leap off the page to tell an intricate story of love that supersedes death. The suspense is taut and becomes more tightly drawn as suspects are eliminated.

Gale Sinclair, a marriage counselor in love with his client, Zoelle Sutherland, is killed in an automobile accident on his way to see her. Three months later, Zoelle, now separated from her husband, has scheduled a meeting because she suspects him of a hostile takeover of her company. She finds him sprawled on his office floor.

Gale wakes up in a pool of blood and in a strange body that he discovers belongs to Zoelle's husband, Laurent Crews. He uses this opportunity to get close to her, but someone is trying to kill Crews. Is it Zoelle, her son or someone else? Can Zoelle fall in love with her husband again? (Siren, Mar., 322 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown