Image of The Eternal Engagement


Image of The Eternal Engagement

Both heroines in this novel are weak-willed and the hero seems selfish with no signs of growth. The story makes no sense and readers will be more than confused and disappointed if they can even get through to the end of this book.

William Lincoln had his pick of colleges when he graduated from high school, with several football scholarships. Instead, he chose to join the Marines. His four-year stint turned into eight and all he could think about were the women he left behind. Mona was spontaneous and lived life to the fullest. Katherine was more studious and had dreams of becoming a news anchor. Both were given an engagement ring by Lincoln before he left and both waited to hear from him for almost 10 years. But who will Lincoln choose in the end? (DAFINA, Aug., 324 pp., $24.00)
Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner