Eden gives us her usual interesting set of Others, including shifters, vamps, demons and witches — with a few new paranormally skilled humans thrown into the mix. The suspense is good, the villains diabolical and there is a lot of action. However, a romance that seems a little too sudden and some disjointedness in the plot keep this from being a stellar read.

Things are simmering down on the bayou as Ignitor Jana blazes her way from New Orleans to Baton Rouge with Night Watch bounty hunter Zane hot on her trail. As a hybrid half demon/half human, Zane can empathize with Jana, since he knows what it’s like to want to be normal, to have had a terrible childhood and to have started killing at a young age. Their common backgrounds bring them together as they run from a secret group whose mission is to kill all monsters — them included. This group has framed Jana and wants to use her as a weapon to destroy others. (BRAVA, Dec., 352 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan