Image of Eternal Hunter (Night Watch)


Image of Eternal Hunter (Night Watch)

Eden shines when it comes to creating characters and backstory for a variety
of paranormal beings. Her great characters, who have to deal with abandonment and trust issues, come across as distinct and interesting entities. The pages fly with mystery, suspense, action and plenty of sexual heat.

Louisiana is rife with Others -- demons, vamps and shifters. Assistant district attorney Erin is something else too, but she's keeping her "other" self under control and trying to do her job. When it appears that someone -- or something -- is torturing and killing people who displease Erin, she fears her stalker is back and hires bounty hunter Jude to protect her and track down the killer.

Jude has an interesting mix of Others and humans who make up his team. He may not know what Erin is, but he soon knows he wants her to be his.

(BRAVA, Jan., 368 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan