Captain Kendall Thomas suspects that she's stumbled onto something really big. A large and complex artifact-smuggling ring seems to be stealing valuable pieces from the pyramid discovered on the planet Jarved Nine. Kendall fears that unless she can get hard evidence identifying the thieves, she won't be able to convince Lt. Colonel Sullivan of her claims.

Kendall also doesn't want to involve her buddy, Special Ops Captain Wyatt Montgomery, in the mess, but when he comes looking for her, they both wind up running for their lives within the pyramid's labyrinth. As far as Wyatt is concerned, he belongs at Kendall's side, for he remembers, though she doesn't, that they were lovers in a previous life with eerie connections to the present.

Loosely connected to her first novel, Ravyn's Flight, O'Shea's terrific futuristic thriller packs in large quantities of action and multiple storylines. Besides the protagonists dealing with both current danger and past-life experiences, concurrent storylines involving secondary characters add depth and flesh out the story. A real winner! (Aug., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith