As he lies dying from a gunshot wound in 1892, bank robber Johnny Logan makes a deal with the devil. Now its 1999 and time to give the devil his due.

Angelica Newland knows what they say about the robber baron John Logan, but she takes the job as his personal assistant despite his reputation. When it appears that John is in trouble, Angela decides to help and gets swept back in time to Coffeyville, Oklahoma, just before the famous shootout in the late 1800s.

Returning to the date of his death is part of Johns deal with the devil. When Angelica (Angel) suddenly appears, he pretends hes never seen her before. John is so convincing that hes arrested and lynched for assaulting the new schoolmarm.

But John cannot die, and he and Angel meet again, during a train robbery. Angel must find a way to help John beat the devil and save the man who has stolen her heart.

Georgina Gentry has cleverly combined the classic tale of Faust and The Portrait of Dorian Gray with the contemporary Highlander, then added a picturesque backdrop, passion and surprises. Curl up with this book and be swept away. SENSUAL (May., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin