Image of Eternal Prey: Gods of the Night


Image of Eternal Prey: Gods of the Night

The third chapter in Bangs’ outstanding Gods of the Night series focuses on one of a trio of raptors. The countdown to 2012 is accelerating and Bangs continues to drop major clues as to the origins of Fin and the Eleven. As opposed to her more humorous series, Bangs doesn’t skimp on the gritty action and gut-wrenching emotion, making this edge- of-your-seat reading!

After his brother Rap was killed by vampires, Utah is making it his personal quest to kill as many vampires as possible. This is causing a problem, since Fin and the Eleven need the help of the local vampires if they are going to stop Seven from destroying Portland. Utah’s human liaison is Lia, whose mother Katherine was the leader of the Northeast vampires. Lia didn’t agree with her now-deceased mother’s choices, but she does plan on becoming a vampire in the near future. Utah and Lia soon discover there are a number of divided loyalties and motives complicating their battle to stop Zero and the Nine. (AVON, Jan., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith