Image of Eternal Sin: Mark of the Vampire


Image of Eternal Sin: Mark of the Vampire

In Wright’s latest entry in her Mark of the Vampire series, the author brings us back into her dark world of warring vampires and shapeshifters. The story moves at a steady clip and action abounds throughout. Synjon is a powerful, compelling character who immediately draws readers into the story. Plus, the heated conflict and passion between Synjon and Petra keeps readers hanging on to the last page of this entertaining read.

Synjon Wise is devoid of any emotion — having had them taken from him by his worst enemy, the vampire Cruen. Cruen’s daughter, Petra, the woman who Synjon left behind, is a transitioning vampire who is pregnant with his child. When Synjon is kidnapped and brought back to Petra so she can feed on him, he remembers little of the love they shared. Yet as he remains with Petra, the feelings begin to return, and the stakes grow higher along with his love for her —- and his child is about to be born as his battle with Cruen rages. (SIGNET, Nov., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates