Picking up where Summer Vows and Breakaway left off, the Hideaway series meets the Blackstone Legacy in Alers’ latest offering, and it does not disappoint. As the Cole men gather to tie up loose ends after the attempts on Ana’s life, Alers bring readers up to date on the latest marriages and births, all while delivering another solid romance.

Dr. Peyton Blackstone is at Blackstone Farms to further her study and practice of veterinary medicine, specializing in large animals and equine medicine. When she discovers her family connection to the famous horse-racing operation, she sets out to realize her dream. At the same time, Nicholas Cole-Thomas is pursuing his own dream of owning a horse-breeding operation. Peyton and Nicholas hover around each other, but Peyton is offered a teaching position, which takes her away for a year. When she returns, she goes to work for Nicholas, and their romance is built on a strong foundation of shared interests and physical attraction. Throw in a sleazy ex-husband and this couple proves that their love is real and will last, in the Cole family tradition. (KIMANI/ARABESQUE, Mar., 310 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins