Needing a break from her law practice, Syneda Walters takes a Florida trip with Clayton Madaris. What starts as a platonic vacation turns into the prelude of a steamy affair. Despite her growing feelings for Clayton, Syneda remains adamant about their no-strings-attached relationship. She's seen heartache, up close and very personal. If love is what Clayton is offering, she wants none of it.

Though a connoisseur of women, Clayton has met his match in Syneda. He did not expect to fall in love. He'd watched his brothers go through the woes of love and had decided fickle emotions weren't for him. Until Syneda. She throws his love back in his face, ignoring the misery she causes them both. In the quest for love, he sets out to bring closure to her past and open the doors to their glorious future.

Ms. Jackson has done it again! With this fantabulous tale of love, passion and happy-ever-after, another Madaris brother sweeps us off to fantasyland as he reels in his lady love. On a scale of literary gems, ETERNALLY YOURS is a 42-carat diamond! (Nov., 284 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson