Image of Etiquette & Espionage (Finishing School)


Image of Etiquette & Espionage (Finishing School)

Carriger’s bizarre blend of fantasy, steampunk, adventure and mystery will keep you guessing. Readers will love the well-developed characters and the quirky charm imbued into every page, and will eagerly await the sequel!

Sophronia’s mother is fed up with her daughter’s un-ladylike antics, and has sent her daughter to finishing school. What she doesn’t know is that in addition to learning to curtsy, dance and eat with the right fork, Sophronia will be learning the arts of deception and espionage. When a mysterious object disappears and the school is attacked, Sophronia and classmate Dimity decide to prove their developing skills by finding the missing object. They soon discover they’re in for more than expected, including werewolves, vampires and boys (oh, my)! (LITTLE, BROWN, Feb., 307pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9780316190084, HC, 12 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Raven Haller