The quaint Welsh village of Llanfair is in an uproar. A film crew is coming there to film a documentary about a German plane that went down in a lake during WWII. The coming of the crew has stirred up long-buried memories for some of the older villagers and Constable Evan Evans has been assigned the task of keeping order and helping the filmmakers.

However, the documentarys producer, Grantley Smith, manages to alienate just about everyone he meets. Its hardly a shock when Grantley meets his maker by falling from a train. It is now up to the pragmatic Evans to find out who helped the man to his premature exit. His investigation turns up a surprising link to treasures that were hidden during the war.

Rhys Bowen gives us another sparkling story in EVAN CAN WAIT. The mystery, with its touches of nostalgia and poignancy, is a strong one, and Evans own self-doubts about his romantic life will also hold your imagination. (Dec., 288 pp., $5.99) Hardcover published February 2001.

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg