When the locals of the Welsh village of Llanfair decide to form a choir, Constable Evan Evans is asked to join. Evans is uncomfortable singing and feels his voice will add nothing to the amateur choir that is due to perform at a local festival. Help arrives in the form of Ifor Llewelyn. Llewelyn, a native son and world class tenor, has returned to the quiet hamlet for some well deserved rest. He takes the time to help with the choir and to offer tips on how to get the best performance. He even agrees to sing some solos at the festival.

At first all is well and Ifor enjoys his return home. The villagers are glad to have him amongst them. Unfortunately, after only a short while, it becomes obvious that a little of Ifor goes an awfully long way. Tempers wear thin, the town and the choir are in turmoil, and then Ifor is dead.

Evan Evans is on the job investigating the murder, something he is far more comfortable doing than singing. It will take a good deal of savvy and all of his unobtrusive abilityto discover if the killing has its roots in the present or in Ifors distant past in Llanfair.

EVANLY CHOIRS is an entertaining mystery with just the right amount of quiet humor. Evan Evans is a self effacing character but appealing, shrewd and sharp. The storyline rings true and the characters are the sort of people we run into in our day to day lives. (May, 192 pp., $20.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg