In this spin-off of Ms. Camp's classic THE BLACK EARL (to be reissued next month) a clever and beautiful traveling dancer finds herself enmeshed in a treacherous game of deception and disguise.

When Aline is asked by the Duke to impersonate his niece, she has little choice but to accept the unusual proposition since it is the only way she can ensure her family's safety. With only a dwarf as a companion, Aline assumes the identity of Lady Clarissa and sets out to "wed" Sir James.

This arranged marriage is something James is prepared for in order to raise his station in life, but nothing can prepare him for his lovely, spirited bride. Aline goes through with the ceremony planning to keep her bridegroom from consummating the marriage. However, many complications as well as the newlyweds' simmering desire change her well-laid plans.

Caught in the Duke's trap, Aline and James find themselves falling in love in strange circumstances. Even King Henry cannot solve all their problems, but inevitably love and trust win out over treachery and deceit.

This lively and spirited Medieval romance, in the tradition of the original Black Earl, will more than satisfy readers who have awaited this novel for a decade. Though renowned for the warmth and magic of her acclaimed Americana romances and emotional category romances, EVENSONG displays another side to Ms. Camp's varied talents. SENSUAL (Apr., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin