Image of Eventide: The Dark Ink Chronicles


Image of Eventide: The Dark Ink Chronicles

Readers will not be disappointed in the final chapter of Jasper’s wonderfully engaging series featuring tattoo artist turned demon hunter, Riley Poe. To fully enjoy this finale, Afterlight and Everdark should really be read first. The author’s use of vivid descriptions to build her world of vampires and hunters is outshone only by her creation of multifaceted characters. The tension runs high as Jasper throws curveballs at Riley and Eli, making for an exciting and satisfying finale. At last, Riley comes full circle and her fans will love how it ends!

After surviving the bite of a powerful vampire, Riley is feeling bizarre changes. Her normal life as a Savannah tattoo artist can’t sustain her after a rash of vampire attacks leads her to question herself, as she worries she was involved. Her vampire lover Eli has seen the changes in her, and fearing for her humanity, he takes her to Romania to see the leader of the vampire cult who attacked her. It is there she will face her fears and the dark power within, a dark power that could destroy her. (SIGNET, Mar., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes