Image of Ever After  (Hollows)


Image of Ever After  (Hollows)

Longtime fans will find their emotions running the gamut, as events for many of Harrison’s familiar characters take new and sometimes tragic turns this time around. Rachel’s journey of self discovery is hard, frightening and definitely life-threatening; it also makes for fantastic entertainment!

With Quen’s time being taken up with Ceri and babies Lucy and Ray, he wants Rachel to step in to help protect elven tycoon Trent. Rachel refuses, but soon Rachel, Trent and Quen are called in when children infected with Rosewood syndrome suddenly begin disappearing. The dangers they all face are driven home dramatically when Ceri and baby Lucy are kidnapped by the crazy demon Ku’Sox, who is eager to draw Rachel out. But in order to rescue Ceri and Lucy, Rachel must first figure out how to prevent the demonic realm of the ever-after from being destroyed. (HARPER VOYAGER, Jan., 448 pp., $27.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith