It is marriage to wealthy financier Hunter Claybourne or debtor's prison for Felicity Mayfield. When her uncle sold her shares in her father's railway to Mr. Claybourne, Felicity had no way of knowing the sale was illegal and that now she must pay the callous Hunter a fortune or be his bride for one year.

With little choice, Felicity marries. The energetic travel writer hopes to live as independently as ever, going about the country writing her articles. But first she must set Hunter's mansion to order by turning the cold, drafty tomb of a house into a warm, cozy home.

She also adopts stray children and gets herself employed in a workhouse to rescue two orphans, then writes an expos that threatens Hunter's empire. Yet Felicity's presence threatens Hunter's heart and when she uncovers a secret from his past, he fears he will lose her.

Delightful, funny and heartwarming, EVER HIS BRIDE is a truly enjoyable read that will strike a chord in readers' hearts. She paints an almost Dickensian portrait of Victorian England, from train wrecks to workhouses and the lives of the wealthy juxtaposed with those of the poor. SENSUAL (July, 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin