With her parents killed by assassins, Princess Giana becomes the ruler of Saxe-Wallerstein-Karolya and the target of an unknown killer. She is spirited away by trusted family servants to a secluded hunting lodge in Scotland.

Hotel owner and the star of a series of dime novels, American Adam McKendrick wins a Scottish hunting lodge in a card game. Expecting his new property to be abandoned, Adam is surprised to find servants in residence and his bed occupied by a lovely young maid named Giana and her huge dog.

Giana takes her role as Adam's servant seriously, but she is clumsy and much too bossy for him to believe she is nothing but a maid.

Giana finds that she enjoys trading barbs and witty remarks with Adam and wonders if she can trust him with her secret as well as her heart. Adam finds his feelings for Giana a revelation and then when he discovers just how he is connected with her family he is even more determined to rescue his princess.

Brimming over with marvelous repartee and delightful characters, this fast-paced, charming romance is sheer delight; a fairytale-style love story that gives readers that longed-for glow of happiness.

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin