Image of The Ever-Running Man (Sharon McCone Mysteries)


Image of The Ever-Running Man (Sharon McCone Mysteries)

A new Muller mystery
is always something
to savor. After 20-
some previous books in this excellent series, Muller doesn't allow herself,
or McCone, to get lazy. She throws
new challenges at her -- and readers will be riveted to see where they
take her.

As usual, events in P.I. Sharon McCone's personal life are as crucial to the plot as is the crime she must solve. Her husband, Hy, is a partner in an international security firm, where two years ago, an explosion in one of its offices killed an employee. Since then, explosions have occurred in other offices, and on some occasions a man has been spotted running from the scene -- dubbed the "ever-running man."

Hy's firm enlists the services of McCone's agency to identify the man. Her investigation uncovers details about Hy's past that were previously unknown to her -- details she's not sure she can live with. Her involvement also puts her in the sights of the ever-running man. In sudden, explosive fashion, McCone's life may change forever. (Warner, Jul., 312 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jo Peters