Image of Evergreen


Image of Evergreen

With her debut novel, Delia Parr makes a powerful impact. Tackling large themes and strong emotions, she is able to sweep readers into a story that is a romance and so much more.

Unjustly convicted for murder, Moria Lane has been condemned to prison. Isolated from her fellow prisoners, sworn to keep her face hidden and dedicated to praying for redemption, Moriah sees little hope to her life. Still, she is determined to right the wrongs that have been done to others, as well as herself, and to be reunited with her sister.

Sent to inspect the prison, Royce Camden is to make a satisfactory report and return to his "respectable" life. Meeting one prisoner changes all that. INtrigued by Moriah, he vows to uncover the injustices she speaks of in veiled terms. Her beautiful eyes, filled with pain and innocence, haunt Royce until he realizes that he cannot ignore what he suspects is the truth about the prisoners' conditions.

Little do they know that their promises will plunge them into danger. Once they begin to uncover the truth, not only will their lives be jeopardized, but Moriah's strong beliefs and Royce's carefully planned existence will be dramatically altered.

EVERGREEN is an absorbing romance brimming over with deep-seated sensations and three-dimensional characters. Delia Parr knows how to capture the reader's attention and grab at their heart-strings. SWEET (Feb., 345 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin