With her ruthless husband Gilbert Fitz William's death, Alana of Llangollen believes her Welsh lands will be safe from Norman hands and her dark secrets hidden forever. But King Henry II sends Paxton de Beaumont to Wales to hold her lands and secure her loyalty.

Paxton knows that part of his mission is to uncover the truth about Gilbert's death; was it an accident or murder? He finds it difficult to believe that the woman who very clearly loves her land and her kinsmen could be a killer, yet he realizes that her treachery could lead to his own death.

Though it appears that Gilbert might well have drowned while his wife did her best to save him, Paxton is doubtful. As he is bewitched by her beauty and courage, he wonders if the woman he loves is a murderess or a woman worth defying king and country to possess.

Weaving a mystery into a dramatic love story is something Charlene Cross does so well and so effortlessly. Readers will be spellbound by EVERLASTING and held from the first page to the last by these unforgettable characters and their dynamic story. SENSUAL (July, 296 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin