Image of Everlasting Desire


Image of Everlasting Desire

Ashley once again provides an entertaining story that will please readers who prefer the more traditional vampire tales. The hero must come to terms with what he is and his own limitations, and the heroine is not a pushover, making them a perfect match.

Rhys Costain is master of the West Coast Vampires and has not cared for a woman since one betrayed him 435 years ago — until he meets Megan DeLacey. Megan works for an exclusive men’s shop that caters to wealthy clients who prefer to shop late at night. Rhys’ determination to have Megan compels him to frequent the shop every night. He’s not making much headway until he foils a robbery. His pursuit of Megan takes a promising turn, but when Tomas Villagrande, an ancient vampire who kills indiscriminately, makes a play for Rhys’ territory, it causes serious problems. Will love prevail? (ZEBRA, Oct., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley