Image of Everlasting Enchantment (The Relics of Merlin)


Image of Everlasting Enchantment (The Relics of Merlin)

Book four of the Relics of Merlin series is a marvelous example of paranormal/fantasy romance with its real and magical realms, mystical relics, ghoulish villain and literary characters. Kennedy has created a wonderfully different but entirely believable world fraught with dangers and intrigues. The incredible story and high-speed plot will grip the reader on the first page, rendering this book almost impossible to put down.

Millicent Pantere, a shapeshifting were-panther, has spent her entire life in the Underground. She has never loved anyone and is concerned only with survival. When the Duke of Ghoulston forces her to search for one of Merlin’s relics, Millicent must venture into an unknown world, attend Queen Victoria’s ball and meet Lady Chatterley who is in possession of the relic — a bracelet that allows the wearer to experience a night of unbelievable passion. That night Sir Gareth Solimere appears in Millicent’s room and they share an intense sexual experience. Gareth tells her of the curse that has haunted him for centuries but, though she longs to free him, Millicent is still trapped in Ghoulston’s schemes. Can they thwart a demon, allow a Phoenix to be reborn and break a curse? (SOURCEBOOKS, Dec., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin