Image of Everlasting Kiss


Image of Everlasting Kiss

While Daisy and Erik are enemies, the conflict placed between the lovers seems to barely be a stumbling block. Despite the story's action-packed feel, with too many secondary characters and too little primary character development, this title was a disappointment. Fine if you just want a vampire romance, but otherwise, not worth the time. However, the setup for the sequel with Daisy's brother looks promising.

Daisy O'Donnell is a vampire-hunting, compass-wielding heroine who is about to be up to her neck in trouble. When she accidentally stakes one of the vampires that she is only supposed to be stealing blood from, she throws the L.A. vampire community into a tizzy.

She and her new beau, Erik Delacourt, don't know they're on opposite sides of this upheaval. She's a vampire blood supplier for the human population, and he's a vampire. But when she's on the run from a second near-staking incident, the duo must face the truth.

Then Daisy's stake-toting brother shows up to try to take out Erik's best friend, and then all three must trek across country to safety. Will distance be enough to stop a crazed vampire, or will it only strengthen the bond between a dead and undead heart? (ZEBRA, Feb., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan