Four years ago Brynne Armstrong stormed out of her boyfriend Devin Prescott's place and was sexually assaulted by a college classmate hours later. Afraid, she fled, and after reconnecting with Devin years later, Brynne is finally ready to tell him he may have a daughter.

Devin has no idea what Brynne's been through, or what happened to her after she left his apartment and his life. What will happen when she comes clean about the events of the past? Will he be open to giving their relationship a second try?

Ford makes a drastic departure from her usual style in An Everlasting Love. Tackling date rape, a highly sensitive subject, the author supplies her usual complex plot and courageous characters. But those familiar with this title's predecessor, Unforgettable, may be disappointed that the book is so depressing at times.

Though it's admirable that the author tackles a real-life subject—such as Brynne waiting on DNA results to find out who the father of her child is—instead of elevating it, she tends to stay put in the murky areas. (Mar., 344 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton