When a serial killer kidnaps associate professor Imani Maxwell's prized student, she must work closely with FBI special agent Garrison Wade to solve the mystery.

With a near-perfect track record, Garrison is known for his single-minded focus. For the first time, however, he's finding it difficult to keep his thoughts on work. Imani has cast a spell on him that, surprisingly, he doesn't want to break.

Few authors pen work that is so thoroughly engrossing the characters leave a lasting impression. Smith manages this. The subtle attraction between Imani and Garrison, mixed with riveting suspense, makes for addictive reading.

Both strong-willed and powerful in nature, Imani and Garrison complement each other. Differences of opinion create tension and chemistry that add spice to the story. With Every Breath is engaging reading that is sure to provide hours of pleasure. (Nov., 428 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton