Image of With Every Breath


Image of With Every Breath

The vagaries of time and fate are
once again at play in Kurland's latest romance. Stubbornness and secret-keeping are characteristics of both
of the protagonists, which may
torpedo this epic love before it
comes to fruition. As always, the
author delivers a delightful read!

American Sunshine Phillips knows her heart lies in Scotland, so when circumstances allow her to stay there, at the witches cottage on the MacLeod estate, she jumps at the chance.

In 1375 Robert Cameron storms the MacLeod witches cottage to get help for his dying brother. Reaching across centuries, he drags Sunny to the past. Treachery and evil surround Cameron, leaving him with no one to trust. In an attempt to save Sunny, his new love, they flee for the portal, only to be separated by time. When a grief-stricken Sunny meets Cameron once again in the present, he doesn't recognize her or know his true past. Is Sunny willing to fight for her lost love? (JOVE, Jun., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith