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Image of Every Day

Every Day is possibly the best book I’ve read all year! Levithan is a literary genius. His style of writing is brilliant — practically flawless. This book is so dense that when reading, I occasionally had to take a break to contemplate what I'd just read, due to the complexity of the thoughts expressed in the perfect prose. Yet upon reflection, it all makes perfect sense. During the story, Levithan writes about a new character with a different life in each chapter, yet A’s personality stays consistent. The author's ability to create a person who truly has no gender or race is absolutely fascinating. Reading A’s journey to make love last, in a world that is always changing, is an experience I hope everyone gets to share.

Every day A’s life is different, because every day A wakes up as a new person, with a new family, a new gender, a new race and a new name. While A longs for the closeness of relationships, there is no point because tomorrow will bring a different identity. Then A meets Rhiannon, the girlfriend of a boy whose body A inhabits for a day. A is drawn to Rhiannon, even though a long-term relationship is impossible. How can A love a girl, when a new persona is just 24 hours away? And how can Rhiannon possibly love A back? (KNOPF, Sep., 336 pp., $16.99, ISBN: 9780307931887, HC, 12 & Up)

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Andye Eppes