Native American Marie Dorion vows to raise her two sons alone after the tragic death of her French-Canadian husband. In 1814, they settle in the untamed American Northwest, where Marie struggles through challenges of man and nature. Many times she feels inadequate as a mother and as a woman. Never does she feel worthy to be loved. Her sense of guilt for wrong choices separates her from God. How can she believe He would care?

Kirkpatrick's latest in the Tender Ties series is a complex novel with strong characterization and an authentic Native American voice. At times, I was challenged to keep track of all the characters and sort out the main plot from the subplots. Marie's journey toward faith is deep, thought-provoking and often dark, but joy waits to spring forth when least expected. (Jun., 408 pp., $13.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson