To say that San Francisco Homicide Inspector Kate Gillespies life is busy is an understatement. She and her partner, Sam Scolari, are investigating the SoMa Slasher slayings. Shes also closing a case involving drugs and organized crime.

When the body of Patricia Scolari is found slashed in the style of the SoMa slayings, the investigation hits close to home. Patricia and Sam were about to get divorced.

Theres no question in Kates mind that Patricia was a victim of the SoMa slayer, but when Sam disappears, suspicion falls on him. IAD inspector Mike Torrance enters the scene. Mike is handsome, open-minded and honest, but to Kate and the other cops, hes the enemy, a policeman spying on his fellow officers.

Kate pursues the SoMa case and the death of Patricia, hoping to prove her partner innocent. As the investigation proceeds, she finds that, in spite of herself, she is growing attracted to Torrance. As they work together, mutual respect growing, the investigation takes an unforeseen turn, plunging Kate into a deadly situation.

EVERY MOVE SHE MAKES is a tough, stylish thriller. Burcell is a police officer and the story rings with authenticity. Although the length of the book cuts the tension, fans of police novels or stories with strong female protagonists will not be disappointed. (Jan., 388 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg