Image of Every Night I'm Yours (Zebra Historical Romance)


Image of Every Night I'm Yours (Zebra Historical Romance)

In her debut, Kelley joins the ranks of Cheryl Holt, Pamela Britton and Lisa Kleypas, providing a sexually charged romance drawing on the lessons-in-
love fantasy. Her appealing characters, sexual tension and charming story will enchant readers.

At 26, spinster and aspiring writer Avis Copley decides to take a lover to ease her needs and broaden her knowledge of human nature. She logically chooses fellow author Emory Billingsworth. Avis has no idea that Billingsworth is cruel, ruthless and after her money.

It's up to her best friend's brother, Banning Talbot, the Earl of Selby, to stop her. There had once been a deep attraction between Banning and Avis, but neither wishes to admit it. Banning gambles that Avis will give him the chance to instruct her in passion. Willful, beautiful and independent Avis is about to learn that once you play with fire you many never want the fire extinguished. She and Banning are the perfect student and master, but their pride, Billingsworth and old secrets threaten to destroy their fragile trust. (Zebra, Feb., 380 pp., $3.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin