Readers will devour this fantastic new series starter. Loner heroine Kali is smart, relatable and quippy, while the supporting characters give the story a Breakfast Club feel rare for a paranormal read. With her signature style, Barnes brings her characters to life in stunning detail. All in all, this is not your usual paranormal fare. The only question is, when will the next book be out?

In a world where the paranormal is normal, Kali is something different. Every other day she’s a normal teenage girl, but on the alternate days, she’s a demon hunter with primal instincts and incredible healing powers. When Kali sees the mark of a soul-sucking chupacabra on her classmate Bethany, Kali knows that if she can lure the succubus into her body, she may survive what Bethany can’t. This selfless act plunges Kali, Bethany and the class slut Skylar into the center of a conspiracy. (EGMONT, Jan., 336 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9781606841693, HC, 13 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan